str_metrics - Ruby gem (native extension in Rust) providing implementations of various string metrics. Current metrics supported are: Sørensen–Dice, Levenshtein, Damerau–Levenshtein, Jaro & Jaro–Winkler. [Rust & Ruby]
   substitute-bot-go - A Reddit bot that provides the ability to search and replace parent comments. Supports Go regular expression syntax. Aim is not to support everything, just super simple replacement. This is a port of the original Ruby substitute-bot into Go. [Go]
   prune_ar - prune_ar is a gem that prunes database records using passed in deletion criteria & then pruning all subsequently orphaned records. Using ActiveRecord’s belongs_to associations in order to find orphaned records, it’s intent is to be able to delete any sets of records you would like without leaving the database in an incoherent state like orphaned records or foreign key violations. I developed this as a personal initiative while working for Contently [Ruby]
   MUC - Music URL Converter is a simple service designed to cross-search different music services to find the same track on the other services. Given a Spotify link, MUC will try to find the same track on YouTube, Apple Music & Deezer (and would do the same if given a link from one of the other services). [Javascript, Vue.js, Node.js]
   Vizl - Vizl is a music visualizer that can stream music from Soundcloud and visualize it using WebGL + WebAudio APIs. [Svelte & GLSL for shaders]
   buddhabrot-amp - A parallelized buddhabrot generator using C++ AMP, Direct3D/DXGI (for presentation to the screen) & WIC (for writing out to PNGs). [C++]
   Dagbot - A markov chain based IRC chat bot with support for various commands. Currently supported commands are showing time till events on various calendars, tweeting markov phrases and pulling random previously tweeted phrases. [Python]
   Continuum - A very simple Rogue-like game. Fully terminal based and uses ncurses. [C++]

Checkout a more complete list of projects (including ongoing initiatives) @ my Github.